Consciousness Balancing

Sometimes people ask, “Do you have to believe in acupuncture for it to work? ”

The answer is, “No.  But you have to truly believe in your potential to get better. ”

Thought Limitations vs. Belief Potentials


Thoughts are constructs of the Ego, the central processing unit of your human form. They are ideas that arise from the depths of your deeper and lower levels of consciousness. They are not who you are, they are simply reflections of your belief system that developed with your Ego or Mind or Consciousness within the first 5-7 years of your life. Thoughts are useful to communicate with other beings inhabiting this planet and they can assist in navigating the terrain, but they are limited by the individuality of their nature.


Beliefs, (unlike thoughts) are not fleeting concepts, constructs, or ideas. Beliefs are the definitions of ourselves and the world around us. Because they define our definition of our environment, they actively interact with the environment- When something is going wrong in our lives, whether a physical health problem, financial problem, or mental/emotional/spiritual unrest of some variety, it is invariably linked to a self-defeating belief or system of beliefs. Beliefs are the soil from which the emotional body and physical body grow. Healthy belief foundation will grow healthy beings who will in turn cultivate a healthy planet. Unhealthy beliefs will do the opposite. Henry Ford once said something to the effect of “whether you think you can or you think you can, you are right.” This is close to the truth but not quite right. Many people think they can do something and end up failing. The heart of the matter is that whether you believe you can or believe you cannot is what actually determines your success. You can think a type of medicine (such as acupuncture or pharmaceutical medications) will work for you but not get better because you are actually not owning your own health. Likewise, you can be a complete cynic about a particular method but then greatly benefit from it because deep within your core you believe that you can and will get better! Now that does not discount the power of positive thinking by any means. The productivity of thoughts and ideas is strongly enhanced or limited by the beliefs that either support them or deny them. 

Epigenetics and the Biology of Belief

Genes Are Not What We Thought They Were

To understand the nuts and bolts of the Belief System we must turn to a rapidly growing field know as epigenetics. Epigenetics got started because genes simply are not what we thought they were. Before the human genome was unraveled, it was thought that for every function and dysfunction in the human body, there was a gene that could explain it. But there were simply not enough genes to explain everything. When all was said and done, it was determined that more than the genes themselves, it was how their sheaths revealed and expressed or did not express them that determined the health and wellness of the individual. This science goes above and beyond the old theories of genetics and is therefore referred to as “epi-genetics,” meaning “above genetics.” 


Cells Are Not What We Thought They Were

It stands to reason that if genes (the building blocks of cells) are not what we thought they were, then cells are also not what we thought they were. Bruce Lipton, author of the best-selling Biology of Belief, a cellular biologist and leader in the field of epigenetics, was instrumental in both discovering this phenomenon and explaining it in layman’s terms. Basically, he disproved the theory that the nucleus is the brain of the cell and demonstrated that the nucleus is actually the reproductive center of the cell. The perceptive/interactive component of the cell it turns out is actually the cell membrane. The cornerstone for the New Biology is that the livelihood of cells is largely dependent on their perception of the environment around them. 

The Multiple Levels of Consciousness


Consciousness is the thinking part of us. It is our waking awareness and our Thinking Self. Also known as our Ego, it is what recognizes us as unique individuals who function as separate beings in a 3-Dimensional world. Consciousness generates thoughts that then turn into actions. It is the navigator for our reality. Our individuality and sense of Self. Above and below Consciousness, our Self branches out and interconnects with the Universe in expansive ways that stretch to the end of the imagination.


Subconsciousness is the feeling part of us. It speaks and thinks in Sense Language. While the Ego or Consciousness level generally speaks in thinks in words, the Subconscious mind literally communicates in senses such as the Visual, Audio, and Kinesthetic. It also can communicate in languages of feeling such as Emotion and Intuition. It is the soil of all our Belief Systems. Where the Consciousness might be thought of as the navigator of our ship, the Subconsciousness might be thought of as the captain of our ship. It directs our motion throughout the world as well as leading us down whatever path we choose. Unfortunately, there are many communication breakdowns that can take place between these two consciousness levels. Commonly referred to as self-defeating beliefs, this is the condition whereby the thinking self is out of harmony with the feeling self. Usually in this circumstance, there are negative/toxic emotions and thoughts that regenerate each other in a perpetual state of inappropriate regeneration.


Superconsciousness is the Higher Self. The part of us that connects to every living piece of energy all around us with a collective sentience all its own. The Superconscious connects us directly to every other thing in the Universe and is the bridge between Us and Everything. At this level we are in full awareness of the Everything as we are one cell of the Everything. We directly connect to our ultimate knowledge of Self which is not separate at all, but limitless and all-knowing. In Jungian psychology this is known as the Collective Unconscious. In Daoism, it is referred to as our Heavenly Nature.

Consciousness Balancing

Psychokinesiology or PK for short, is a systematic process of balancing the levels of consciousness in order to increase self-awareness and self-actualization while eliminating useless old self-limiting beliefs and adopting new self-empowering ones. The therapy integrates right brain and left brain activity in order to achieve a state of whole-brain integration, where the left (more calculating and analytical side) works hand in hand with the right (more spontaneous and creative side). This integration of opposite brain sides and mechanics is not unlike the Eastern flow between the Yang (active/mechanical) aspect and the Yin (receptive/foundational) aspect.

By integrating the opposites an open and free-flowing communication pathway redevelops quickly between the Consciousness (governor of thought) and Subconsciousness (governess of senses), which in turn opens the portal to the Superconsciousness (inner divinity). Validation of the consciousness levels being open will occur with more and more serendipitous events. It will seem as though there are a lot of happy accidents or synchronicities. This is actually a sign that you are living within the natural flow.

The actual PK system combines healing modalities from a variety of more right-brain and left-brain techniques and theories including but not limited to applied kinesiology (AK), Jungian psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, and huna healing. PK works very well in conjunction with other modalities, as it creates potential and harmonizes belief symptoms. It can also work very quickly and allow for rapid transformation and growth, also known as High-Speed Mindset Change.

There is a very good reason that PK can be a much faster-acting therapy than other modalities- It goes straight to the subconscious level to heal from the bottom up. Some other therapies, (such as talk-therapy or the use of affirmations) attempt to work on the psyche via a top-down approach where only conscious pathways are used to try to affect change at a subconscious level. Unfortunately this can take years or may never work at all. Still other therapies that work on the emotions and emotional release, offer an inside out approach. While it is very important to release the toxicity of negative emotions, it is even more important to delete the self-defeating beliefs that support and grow those emotions. Otherwise you may continue to cultivate a toxic garden even as you are busy trying to weed it.


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