Part III: The Spiritual Body

“Do not seek a disaster free life. As long as you are born there will be obstacles in your path, even when you are a sage. Difficulties help us walk (the path). If there are none, then pride and luxurious lifestyle will arise or entitlement, which cuts you off from walking.”

Abbot Mingchan, 2012

Master Wang Feng Yi, also known as Shanren Wang (or “good man” Wang)

Master Wang was an illiterate peasant sage who believed and taught that toxic emotions and thoughts would manifest on the physical body. He took the ethical and spiritual traditions he received as a child and combined them and lived by them, healing his emotional body as a vehicle to rid his body of disease. He then taught his system to others and travelled from town to town using these methods to not only heal people from disease by freeing them from negative emotions but also giving them spiritual principles to live by and an ethical construct by which to measure themselves so that they might walk a Path of virtue and goodness. By walking this Path it is possible to no longer feel and think negative toxins. Specific virtues replace corresponding emotional toxins. Once free of emotional and spiritual negativity, the toxins do not show up on the material body. The cornerstone of Wang Feng Yi’s teaching is: Do Not Blame Others. This involves owning your lot in life as well as all past and present thoughts and feelings. This way of walking cultivates love and devotion for one’s parents and elders as well as siblings and peers. It is a complete system of self examination and growth that is as scientific as it is spiritual. Books can and will be written about this. For now, you can ask me directly via email or phone call and/or read All Disease Comes From the Heart: The Pivotal Role of Emotions in Classical Chinese Medicine by Heiner Fruehauf. Also, you can visit Classical Chinese Medicine for more lessons of Heiner Fruehauf as well as those of Liu Lihong, and Abbot Mingchan (and explore the rest of the CCM crew while you are there as well).

While most of us perceive Life on Earth as a long and winding road full of many decisions and twists and turns and up’s and down’s, ultimately in walking the Path, there are really only 2 directions- towards the Light or towards the Darkness.  These are both energetic qualities as well as descriptions of righteousness and selfishness.  Think of the multiple connotations of the word positive and negative.  They can describe anything from an attitude to a magnetic pull or any energetic force for that matter.  Just as emotions are the energetic elements that drive our physical reality so are Lightness and Darkness the prime forces that determine our spiritual will.

Walking towards the light means living a life of service, in every given moment doing what is best for everyone in the situation.  This is not giving or sacrificing to one’s own detriment, it is merely recognizing your individuality as a small part of a greater whole and serving the collective rather than the individual within the collective.  This is lightness in the sense of divine light.  It is also lightness in the sense of lucidity and levity; living with spiritual knowledge.  Gnosis.  Synergy is a collective dynamic state that acts as a generator, free flowing and cultivating the natural energy.

The Path towards darkness involves being stuck within the Ego Lens (Wo Jian in the original Chinese).  This Path is driven by the Me mentality.  Rather than what is best for everyone, it is all about “What is best for Me??” and driven by the sentiments “I want”, “I desire”, and “I need.”  This is darkness in the sense of cluelessness, living in the dark.  It does not serve to classify this darkness or negativity as “bad” or “evil.”  Just as the light carries with it lucidity and levity, the dark counterpoint indicates a lack of vision, heaviness; living without spiritual knowledge.  Agnosticism.  Singularity is an individual static state that acts as a depletor, stagnating and draining the natural energy.Now while there are essentially only 2 directions that one can ever walk, the tricky part is in ascertaining which direction you are actually walking in.  Sometimes we may be intending to do good or do right by somebody but there is actually an Ego-driven motivation lurking behind it all.

Everything we do adds up to the whole picture.  This includes our external reality as well as our internal reality.  Our external reality is our words and actions while our internal reality is our thoughts and feelings.  Many people make the mistake of saying nice words and doing “good deeds,” keeping up all appearances of positivity while underneath the surface living in a world of negative (toxic) thoughts and emotions.
Our internal reality is not private.  It is constantly projected energetically outward to the rest of the three dimensional plane as well as inwardly onto our body via 2 powerful electromagnets, our brain and our heart.  I used to mistakenly be under the impression that the brain was our main antenna to send and receive.  It turns out that the actual gauss or measurable magnetism of the human heart is thousands of times stronger than that of the human brain.  One way to get right with yourself within the world in our thoughtforms and emotional energies is by learning to self examine and walk a path of gratitude and giving.  Sometimes self-defeating beliefs can get in the way of this, however, and it can be helpful to open up the communication pathway between your multiple levels of consciousness through a process that I call consciousness balancing.

Return yourself to spirit.The light is what you are made of.

The body is only the vehicle you are driving around in.

It is your Earth Car.

Your mode of transport.

Your body is not You.

Your body’s operating system a.k.a consciousness or Ego is not You.

You are a combination of these things and subconsciousness and superconsciousness.

Imagine yourself as You = what you thought was you + Everything in the Universe.

(Now imagine you don’t have to imagine that anymore because it is real)

Qi flowing properly (i.e. freely and in abundance) with yourself in relation to the Universe is the final level of Qi consciousness worth discussing.  This is when you live in complete flow of your surroundings because you have awakened to the reality of your interconnectedness.  You do not have to tell yourself you are a part of everything because you feel it in every cell.  Meditation, mindfulness, breath.  These are all things that can lead you back to your collective nature.  When you arrive there you will not want anything more than to connect and to serve and cultivate sacred virtue.  For more on the activities of the sacred human, move your pointer to the left over the sacred human and click on the pic.if you are wondering if there is such a thing as spirit there is

if you are wondering how to find it, you already have.  You are just looking with the wrong eyes currently.

if you are wondering how to express it, simply give.  Give like you never have before.  Give to the extant that you feel like you are giving too much.

Unless, however, you feel like you are giving too much.  In that case give everything that you have been giving but then also give yourself the same amount as you have been giving away.

Secret of the Ebb and Flow

The secret to a beautiful existence here on Earth is to figure out how to give the perfect balance to yourself and Everything else.  Both types of giving should be approximately equal.  Most people are too far toward one way than the other and either don’t see it or don’t see how to fix it.

The Fix: Give = Receive

To fix the problem, first you must figure out which way you are leaning on the scale and then you can find balance.


Those who give too much away very often are Mother Earth types.  They give and give and give till they are bled dry.  They do this for the love of giving but at the expense of their own balance and health.


Those who give too much to themselves include those who appear very giving in some cases, such as the individual who gives and gives to their family.  The family, in this type of individual, is simply an extension of the Self.  Thus by giving only (or mainly) to their family, this individual is constantly giving to themself and actually taking with the illusion of giving.


Some people give too much away and then give too much to self and then give too much away etc.  This is the rotating type. They ride the pivot between the two states but not equally.  It is not a comfortable flow, but a constant jerk of the pendulum one way or the other.

Yin Becomes Yang Becomes Yin… And Repeat.

Once we get the spirit of gratitude and giving and the dynamics of the receptive force yin constantly pivoting and transforming to active force yang and in turn becoming yin again we will live in balance and harmony.  Give freely and you will learn to give without sacrifice and give more than you ever thought possible.

The Meaning of Life

The meaning of all life on this planet is simply this in three parts:

  1. Suffer
  2. Learn how not to suffer
  3. Help relieve the suffering of others

Time Travel and Space Travel

The trickiest part is that you will travel back between these three steps.  Even after you have learned how not to suffer you will go back to suffering.  That is the human condition.  Some call it transgression.  Even after you have learned how to help others you may very well turn around or stumble and need the help of those you once helped.  This is normal Ebb and Flow, don’t worry. 

“Everything is turning out exactly as we are planning it”
– Dr. Greg Golden

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