Part II: The Emotional Body

Do you have deficient or stagnant Qi?

Just as deficient or stagnant qi will cause physical discomfort in the body it will also cause emotional discomfort in the heart and mind. Imagine what life would be like if (instead of emotional discomfort stemming from material position or circumstance) your emotions are now the generator of energy and mover and creator of your own personal life battery and you are in control of their functioning rather than them controlling you. More on this soon, but use your imagination to chew on that for a bit……..

So how does this compare or relate to the previously mentioned Qi stagnation/excess or deficiency on the physical body?

Well they go hand in hand as a matter of fact. Western science is now discovering/admitting that stress both causes and exacerbates physical illness. What exactly are the manifestations and drivers of stress? Toxic emotional activity. There is a certain correspondence between each toxic emotion and each thing that can go wrong in the body. There are only a handful of different types of emotions though and millions of things that they can turn into depending on how they relate to the other toxins they interact with. Things like Fear, Anger, Blame, Judgment and Hatred are all highly toxic to your body and should be eliminated immediately.

This is easier said than done of course

This is where the spiritual path kicks in……….

a path that shows how to prevent Fear or Arrogance from showing up in Kidney/Urinary Bladder systems

how to prevent Anger from exploding your Liver and Gall Bladder

how to prevent Hatred from killing your Heart

how to prevent Doubt and Blame from compromising your digestive system

and how to prevent Grief and Judgment from harming your Breath and your Bowels

It is not exactly a secret

It is simply walking a path

A spirit path

Call it the Path of the Good Person or Shan Ren Dao as it is said in the original Chinese