About Dr. Greg Golden, DAOM, L.Ac., DiplOM

Who am I?

My name is Doctor Greg Golden and I am a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM), a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist, residing and practicing in the state of Indiana. As a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (DiplOM), I a have the highest board certification granted by our national organization for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the NCCAOM, for practicing a full scope of Oriental Medicine.  Currently, I received my clinical doctoral degree and training from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, having completed a total of 6 years of graduate and post-graduate training and clinical work, including graduating summa cum laude with a Masters of Science and Oriental Medicine degree (MSOM) from at National University of Health Sciences, one of only a handful of integrated research University clinics where multiple modalities of medicine (including Naturopathy, Oriental Medicine, Chiropractic, and clinical massage and body work) are all administered under one roof.

I have been published in the Oriental Medicine Journal as well as Meridians, Journal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and the official professional publication of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, the American Acupuncturist.  I have guest-lectured on Eastern medicine for medical and nursing students at University of Illinois Chicago, Marian University, and Indianapolis University as well as for nurses at IU Health and employees at Dow Agro Sciences and recently was interviewed for the PBS special Ancient Treatments-New Practices: Traditional Chinese Medicine in Indiana.

I treat all non-emergency related states of imbalance- physical, emotional, and otherwise but my passion is to treat those who feel under mental and/or emotional disarray of some kind.  This also includes individuals who have embarked on a spiritual journey but have somehow lost their way.

My main modalities of medicine are herbsacupuncture (and its related accessory techniques such as cupping and moxa), and consciousness balancing with psychological kinesiological techniques or PK.  The topic of my doctoral thesis outlines the content of this website in much greater detail and I hope to expand upon that and (perhaps) write a book about everything I know regarding physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  A true story about my own quest for learning balance and techniques to balance and hopefully then walk a path sharing what I have learned.  I am continually trying to improve my self and selflessness and welcome any words that you might have.  Please feel free to send a message via the Contact page.

Natural Golden Energy Network

In addition to the services above that I provide, I am networked with a variety of healers and physicians both locally and beyond.  Other flavors of medicine that might fit your needs that I can put you in touch with include:

Western Natural Medicine including…

Cranial Osteopathy

Integrative Nutrition


Low-Velocity Chiropractic

Massage and Body Work

Physical Therapy

Exercise Therapies including…

Qi Gong

Tai Qi



Expressive Therapeutics including…

Art psychotherapy

Movement and dance psychotherapy

Music Therapy

Energy Work including…

Healing Touch


Shamanic Healing

Intuitive Energy Drawings and Readings

(What the DC’s and MD’s “practicing” acupuncture don’t want you to know)

NOTE on finding qualified professionals: As a rule of thumb, when seeking a practitioner of Oriental Medicine you always want to look for the letters L.Ac after their name, even if they are a licensed Western medical physician with designations such as MD, DC, DO, or DPM. In most states, including all Midwestern states, these physicians can put acupuncture needles in patients with little or no training and while possibly highly skilled at their own avenues of medicine usually have little or no training in Eastern differential diagnosis. In other words, they may be practicing Western medicine with Eastern tools and this is just plainly not the actual medicine. If your practitioner cannot explain to you clear examples of both meridians and their associate energy deficiency (such as Spleen Qi Deficiency) and/or stagnation (such as Blood Stasis) you may want to consider other providers.

(What many of the licensed acupuncturists prescribing herbs hope you don’t notice)

Also the letters of Diplomacy by the NCCAOM indicate to what level practitioners have been board certified. Even licensed acupuncturists with the letters L.Ac and board certification may not be board certified in the full scope of Oriental Medicine. Practitioners with the designation DiplAc do not have board certification in Chinese Herbs but this does not limit or stop them from prescribing or dispensing herbs in most states. With the case of more experienced practitioners though, they may not have board certification in OM simply because this board test was not offered back when they received their board certification status. There is a similar situation that goes the same for advanced degrees. If there is an OM after the degree such as in MSOM there has been training in Chinese herbal medicine. Practitioners with degrees with the abbreviation “Ac” in them, such as MSAc usually have no or very little herbal training. Again this does not usually legally preclude individuals from dispensing Chinese herbal supplements. Click here to the ACAOM for more information on accredited degrees in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Click here to the NCCAOM for more information on the different levels of board certification.

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