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The object of East Asian Medicine

In Chinese or Oriental medicine the goal is to restore one’s ability to heal, prosper, and thrive.   We are beings of both energy and matter. Proper health and wellness is a combination of 3 basic components:

  • Having enough essential energy or vital force
  • Having that energy and all of the associated fluids and communication systems flowing freely and unobstructed throughout one’s body
  • Having an overall balance of the energy dynamic between the receptivity of energy and the activation of energy, also known as yin and yang

Dr. Greg Golden, DAOM, L.Ac., DiplOM

Nationally board certified for the complete scope of East Asian Medicine, services include acupuncture, herbal consults and prescriptions of time-tested Chinese herbal formulas, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha and tui na as well as Western natural health modalities including Psychological Kinesiology (PK) and consciousness balancing, and consults on nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation regimens.

Client Testimonials:  We Love our Customers, And They Love Us!

“I walked out of Greg’s office completely pain-free!”
– Dawn N

“Greg helped me fix back pains that had bothered me for years. Acupuncture + cupping really helped the pain go away. I tried everything previously, and nothing worked. I was honestly amazed when this did. I didn’t believe that such small needles could have such a massive effect. Greg is very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine and anyone that has pain that needs to be cleared up, I would highly recommend his services.”

Dave N.

“I have struggled with intermittent chronic back pain more than 25 years. I’ve seen three different orthopedic specialists over the years who recommended physical therapy and various prescription medications including muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatants and pain medicine. Fortunately my issue is not severe enough to warrant surgical repair. However, the treatments recommended by the orthopedic doctors are often not adequate. I walked into Greg Golden’s office one day while experiencing a flare-up. My lower back muscles were tense from spasms and the pain level was at an elevated state.  I was amazed with the impact of a single acupuncture treatment. I walked out of Greg’s office completely pain free. The spasms were gone and the muscle tension decreased. I became an instant believer in the benefit of acupuncture therapy a single treatment! Greg Golden was my super hero of the day! In the 25 years I have struggled with this chronic back issue, I have never experienced such immediate relief. Thank you Greg!!”

Dawn N

“Greg has been treating patients out of my office for about a year now, and I have seen some amazing results with patients that we have co-managed together. A lot of these patients have had chronic pain syndromes for years and have tried everything in western medicine to get relief, only to have their symptoms return a short while later. I have seen these patients get tremendous relief under the care of Greg, and when they follow through with his recommendations they continue to feel well. I have also received acupuncture from Greg and would highly recommend it to anyone who has never tried it or is just looking for someone new. He is very knowledgeable in eastern medicine and the best part about what he does is that he treats the whole person, not just their symptoms.”

Dr. Jeff Dettwiler – DC, Owner, Dettwiler Chiropractic

“Greg is not only an amazing professional, he is an amazing person. He is highly knowledgeable regarding his practice and he genuinely cares about the well being of his patients. Acupuncture has helped me achieve a level of balance that I’ve not been able to achieve before. Whatever physical, emotional challenges or spiritual challenges I am facing, I am able to work with Greg and utilize acupuncture to make noticeable improvements.”

Lauren Z.

“I first contacted Greg because I had debilitating pain in my right wrist that was preventing me from normal daily activity. In addition, an old back injury was causing intense pain in my lumbar and shooting pain down my left leg. After only one acupuncture session, the pain in my hand went from a 10 to about a 4! After several more sessions my leg pain disappeared completely, and my back pain was reduced significantly to where I could exercise again. I could not have recovered so quickly without the treatment I received from Greg Golden.”

Tania M.

“I started seeing Greg Golden in August 2013 because I had some never pain in my right leg from a previous back surgery and I also wanted some help with fertility. When I met with Greg I spoke about this extreme tightness in my right hip and never pain in my leg and he told me that I was holding many emotions and therefore causing the discomfort. Greg focuses on treating the whole person, and I was astonished by what a positive impact the treatment had on multiple facets of my life. I was surprised to see that acupuncture really helped me emotionally. I had been under a lot of stress with work and after my treatments I would feel much better emotionally. Once my leg pain was under control Greg started focusing on fertility and within 2 months of treatments, I was pregnant.! Greg is a kind, caring individual who’s intuitive approach to the practitioner-patient relationship creates an atmosphere that is conducive to healing and peace; I would recommend his practice to anyone interested in feeling better physically and emotionally.”

Siobhan C.

Learn more about your own natural energy or life force, also known as Qi

The Magnetism:
Natural Polarities of Life…

If you have arrived at the knowledge that everything is energy then you have entered the quantum reality of the new age. Welcome. Know that this energy ebbs and flows in what could be described as magnetic waves, constantly in flux between elements of action and reception. The Chinese refer to the active element as yang and the receptive element as yin. Just like all computer code is made up of a binary code of off and on switches (or zero’s and one’s), the Living Energy (or Qi) of the Universe is made up of Yin and Yang, Form and Force, Receiving and Giving. The difference being that in the living dynamic, Yin is constantly transforming into Yang and Yang into Yin.

Learn more about acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies, and consciousness balancing

The Modalities: Multiple Paths to Wellness…

There are many roads that lead to road and many paths to healing. Some of the services available to you here include acupuncture, herbal consults and prescriptions of time-tested Chinese herbal formulas, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha and tui na as well as Western natural health modalities including Psychological Kinesiology (PK) and consciousness balancing, and consults on nutrition, life-style and supplementation regimens. There are many other services that I recommend and can refer you to. For more on those see my About Me page. Did you know that for the last couple of decades the World Health Organization (WHO) has endorsed acupuncture for at least 100 different conditions? For more on acupuncture, Chinese herbs and consciousness balancing click below

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